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For Jewelry (Q&A) Question and Answer:

1)     If supplier has not received balance before deadline, this order is cancelled.                                              

-       When order is completed, supplier will inform buyer about shipment and balance settlement.                                               

-       Deadline meant 2 weeks after supplier inform buyer about order completed and according delivery time marked in order.                                            

-       Then this order is cancelled by buyer in case of no response and un-responsible.                                              

-       Deposit will not return to buyer, all merchandise belong to supplier in this case.                                              


2)     Remarks of ring size in normal case:                                           

-       Ring size will be marked at each packing plastic-bag for buyer's reference.                                              

-       Because all items are handmade, rings size will have little different occurs.                                            

-       It should not have big different or change to other numeric size number. Thanks noted and understanding.                                           


3)     About color CZ:                                            

-       Factory will produce merchandise according to color CZ code marked at order ONLY.                                              

-       Please confirm the code number which is match Buyer's need. Goods are not returnable when order completed and shipped.                                        


4)     About special package needed:                                          

-       Supplier will use simple material: plastic bag & bubble sheet for package only.                                        

-       Please notice clearly if Buyer needs any special requirement on package.                                        

-       Buyer may need to pay packaging cost: ordering different kind of package material: e.g paper card or boxes. It is includes factory labour work.                                         


5)     Because our products are handmade, so the weight of each item is reference only.                                           

-       Although same model, they may have little difference on weight.                                              

-       Don't worry, it should be no big difference or maybe lighter.                                              

-       And supplier guaranteed will not make the products heavier to gain extra profit.                                             

        Fair trade for "by gram" order: Buyer is only need to pay the balance according to finished product weight as shown in Commercial Invoice.                                              


6)     To prevent any argument about final order total weight and price in order value:                                            

-       We are using same model of pound to measure weight at both factory & office;                                              

-       Before parcel ship, we have double checked all the total net weight in order;                                           

-       We are using same method to measure total weight in order;                                            

-       So order value is according to our Invoice, there is no problem for our recent customer in any previous order                                               

-       There is no argument or refund if Buyer measure weight by their own tools and find out any different.                                         


Supplier deserved rights to edit the above terms with notice to the Buyer.                                                

Any special shipment or payment terms which is mark in order file is the effective terms.      


7) Silver rate in Jewelry order file:                                                      

Because silver market is fluctuation, silver rate/cost is base on the date of supplier received deposit.                                                    


The following will be marked clearly at each order file: (after payment received)                                                    

- London market silver rate from                                                

- Formal bank receipt of supplier's account, shown the actual amount that supplier received (related to deposit amount in order file).


8) Jewelry order price calculation:                                                     

When Price per unit. Earring in per pair price includes same material metal earring pin and post.                                                 

Currency is US-dollars (USD) only.                                                 


Our order can calculate "by pcs" and "by gram".                                                 

Formula of order calculated "by pcs":                                                   

Unit price = Labor cost (fixed) + Silver cost (metal weight * silver rate)                                                     

The weight of "by pcs" is silver net weight included silver-loss.                                                  

Formula of order calculated "by gram":                                                       

Unit price = net weight * USD-Price per gram (silver rate + labor rate)                                                     

The weight of "per gram" will be the completed order weight which is included material and insertion.                                                


Labor cost/rate is includes the cost as following:                                                 

- Insertion cost & setting work.                                                     

- Relevant plating.                                                 

- Factory labor work.                                                     


Silver cost/rate is included loss of metal, and according current market.                                                   

        P.S. : To check Current London Silver Market Price, here is a website:                                                                                            

        you can see the "Silver price per kilo" there. Just divide 1000 to get the per gram price in USD.                                              

                        Link to 3 days live chart:                   

                                1 USD per oz = 32.15 USD per KG                  

9) Jewelry order Guarantee:                                                

1)     All of our sterling silver products with 925 certificates.                                               

2)     Certificate of Origin or Form A is free provide when Buyer request. Please note that shipment may delay 1-2 week.                                              

3)     Completed order weight is nearly what Buyer seen and reference weight marked in this PI.                                            

        Supplier will not increase extra weight to gain unreasonable profit. Especially for order calculated "by gram"!                                               


3) Basic order condition:                                                       

                        Silver order - Payment terms:       Deposit: full payment of silver cost ; Balance: rest amount before shipment                

                        Brass order - Payment terms:        50% deposit for production ; 50% balance before shipment.                       

                        Shipment terms:     FOB-HK, export by air freight only                

                        Delivery terms:       ship by FedEx in buyer expense                     

        Buyer please informs Supplier if any changes of shipment method before order confirmation.                                        

        Supplier deserved rights to disagree it, especially which may break our custom law.        


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