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Beautiful © Cold Light Teeth Whitening Instrument




Whitening gel, which is the core of the active ingredient is nano-titanium dioxide (TiO ₂), with 460 nm special band of light, can make TiO₂ start and generate a high catalytic activity of the free radical, can produce a strong photocatalytic capacity, Can be catalyzed, photolysis attached to the tooth surface of a variety of colored organic and some inorganic, safe and reliable, the effect is obvious.


Introduction of Nano Titanium Dioxide

Nano-titanium dioxide (TiO₂), with anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial, self-cleaning, anti-aging properties, with non-toxic, the best opacity, the best whiteness and brightness.


The use of cold light of the physical principles, the condensate coated on the photon tooth groove, dry teeth, with cold light to the teeth, play a redox effect to remove tooth pigmentation, so that the teeth to restore the true color



Set method:


The device is set up



Andrews phone

Set it up so that, set to ~ 2 regular ~ 3. pull down to see more (point open) ~ 4 OTG connection (open), you can


But some are in. 1. Set ~ 2. Developers option ~ 3.usb Debug (open), you can


Some of the Andrews phone settings are set up so that the setting ~ 2 regular ~ 3. Down to see more (point open) ~ 4 OTG connection (open), you can


But some are in. 1. Set ~ 2. Developers option ~ 3.usb Debug (open), you can



Huawei mobile phone

Set the method: Open the phone management settings - the developer option (penultimate) -USB debugging √

If the default is not the developer option, but the help tool, you have to enter the settings - on the phone, click on the 7 "version number", open the developer mode, and then return to the settings page, you can in the last Two see the developer option.


Some models point four times to six times!

And then in the developer options to find usb debugging, open on it.



Apple phone:

1 ⃣ Apple 5 or more Apple phone 🈚 special circumstances plug in the conversion line can be used.

Apple's mobile phone and the charging line does not match the reasons: First, the Apple version of the Hong Kong version of this situation will occur, two, IC does not work properly, three poor contact, four, mobile phone port dirt, please use cotton lotion cleaning.






Q & A:

What is the difference between the white light and the hospital?

The hospital cold light teeth, the cost of about 3000 to 5000, the gel concentration is about ten times, sour feeling about ten days and a half months, twice there is a clear effect, to maintain about a year or so, our products, Concentration of the hospital one-tenth of the sense of soreness almost zero, they can do at home, to maintain the effect of two years, the price is one of the hospital's one, you do not think it can also buy a few dozen pieces of gel Money, more cost-effective than the hospital.




Will Bibi Fu whitening instrument cause damage to the teeth?

Now the world all the teeth whitening hospital, oral hospital are through the hydrogen peroxide to achieve whitening, cleaning the effect of teeth, the composition of the hospital in the concentration of 30-50, our concentration in the 3-6, the equivalent of rinse Saliva level.

Once more than once! Safe and harmless!



[🌺 use of the process when someone teeth are sour feeling is how, what should be explained?

Part of the teeth are sensitive in the use of the process of discomfort of the teeth is because of the color when the pigment after the discharge of our enamel and air contact with the uncomfortable feeling (🍁 this uncomfortable feeling like we do not care The feeling of discomfort after the break, and when our skin is restored after the normal, then the teeth are the same, when our teeth completely clean the teeth of our enamel naturally formed a layer of protective layer and make teeth more healthy ) 🍃 then recommend customers to drink warm water, if there is uncomfortable feeling, it is recommended that customers with a warm water for a while and then spit


【🌺 how to determine the feeling of discomfort of the teeth is sensitive to their own teeth or people so the problem caused by the problem?

"One" asked whether the customer is sensitive to their own teeth. (1) For example, usually will not eat sour orange or summer is not used and cold drinks and the like. In this case the customer is generally more clear themselves.

"Two" ask the customer whether there is the habit of scaling, if there is, then may be the same as the process of teeth will feel uncomfortable (not necessarily)

(3) If it is not sensitive, then cause the teeth uncomfortable feeling may be (1) gel overdose to check the customer's gel use (2) because the use of improper teeth deliberately forced the teeth or use the lips Do not close but the horror of the open "Imagine these two cases after half an hour naturally very uncomfortable very uncomfortable"


Gum bleeding 1. First, make sure that the cause of tooth bleeding. Gingival bleeding is caused by gingivitis, but also the first symptom of periodontal disease. Dental plaque is not clear in time, calcification after the formation of calculus, is caused by gingivitis, periodontitis, the main reason, a lot of bacterial bacteria within the mouth, and the number of amazing, reproductive ability is very strong, so the treatment is how to adjust the flora Balance the relationship, rather than completely eliminate all the bacteria, so to strengthen the exercise, enhance physical fitness, increase immune function, pay attention to oral hygiene, especially the correct way to brush your teeth.


The cause of gingivitis, periodontitis is the main reason: plaque is not clear in time, calcification after the formation of calculus, eat some mess every day things, in fact, we have a lot of bacteria in the mouth, and the number is also a lot. Bacterial reproductive capacity is also very strong, if not promptly cleaned up, will soon be occupied by bacteria.


The key to treatment is not to completely eliminate all the bacteria, but to make all kinds of bacteria within the mouth, to achieve a balanced relationship.

This requires us to strengthen the exercise to increase their physical fitness. Enhance immune function.


Most importantly, pay attention to oral hygiene. Choose the right toothpaste box toothbrush, and the correct way to brush your teeth is very important. It is recommended to use a soft toothbrush, brushing time control in about three minutes. Three months for a toothbrush. If you like to eat snacks, you can choose to eat more apples.


If it is often bleeding, it is recommended to look at the dentist. Listen to professional advice.





Manufacturer Information:

Hong Kong Yu Yan Tong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in the early 21st century, is created by Chinese female entrepreneur Gillian (Kyrgyzstan). Hong Kong Yu Yan Tong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., by senior beauty experts, biologists, Medical experts, chemical experts, dermatologists and nutrition experts and other technical team, according to different beauty requirements, the origin of the world of raw materials for classification research, extraction of its active ingredients for scientific ratio of party, complex synthesis, To ensure that the best products to consumers.


       The company in product research and development breakthrough innovation, the introduction of foreign top technology, the main dental beauty products R & D, production and import and export sales, its derivative products, including health industry massage products, daily necessities, cosmetics, skin care products.


       Bi Ti Fu teeth whitening series is the most representative of the company's most iconic product. The introduction of the latest EU technology, imported raw materials, combined with Asian teeth characteristics, R & D to produce a family of portable cold light teeth whitening products, the main effect is whitening teeth, anti-inflammatory sterilization, fresh tone, the effect is significant. A set of effects to maintain a year or so, cost-effective high.


       Company for the Chinese mainland market products include: Bita Fu cold light teeth whitening instrument, Bi Ti Fu green eye-catching eye effect section, Bi Ti Fu eye eye massage models, Bi Ti Fu care neck instrument, Bi Ti Fu Huan Yan Shu water can be white mask, Bi Ti Fu Fung Cream, Bi Ti Fu. Pure hand plant oil soap and so on.




       With the country to encourage the "public entrepreneurship innovation" and "Internet + era" policy, Bi Ti Fu teeth whitening industry, now more and more people are concerned about. Then we will use our product technology advantages and effects, combined with the current Internet model, universal beauty of the concept of life to millions of households in the future so that the United States and teeth products become consumers living necessities, become a living habits.



       With the company growing and development, the company from the beginning of the development of more than 50,000 agents more than 50,000, and continued development. The next three to five years Bi Ti Fu will enter thousands of households into you and me.


       With the continuous development of the company, Bi Ti Fu has entered the company's rapid development of the fourth year, to help thousands of families and individuals to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship, for the harmonious society has made a significant effect. At present, our dental instruments are not only trusted and widely used by domestic dental hospitals and dental clinics, but also to international, sales in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, the United States, Britain and other countries is also very impressive. The company's goal is to show more people who want to start an employment opportunity to help them solve their employment problems, give them more opportunities and platforms to realize their dreams of the past or the future, to bring more people Part of the cause of life-long, but also inspirational to let the Chinese family business brand out of the country, to the world!




Latest news:

2016 Bibi Fu brand - as CCTV CCTV Mall preferred whitening teeth cooperation brand, have access to "China's micro-industry industry's most influential brand award" "China's most influential brand of white teeth industry," Liao Lihua, chairman of the board was also commented As "the best founder of Chinese brand influence."



August 26, 2016, "the third China industry influence brand summer summit and 2016 double hit China TV Festival" in Beijing Beijing West Hotel was held. Hunan Hezi Trade Co., Ltd. Chairman - Liao Lihua (according to) was invited to participate in the summit, and in the summit gains "China's micro-industry influence brand award."



October 28, 2016 28th love teeth Day Hunan as a video film cited Bi Ti Fu cold light teeth whitening instrument, as the teeth whitening technology, obviously cold light teeth technology is relatively mature, safety and effectiveness in the same series of brands ahead. And Bi Ti Fu Mei instrument is a safe and portable, the effect of significant cost-effective to become the benchmark for similar products.



November 21, 2016 Chairman Liao Lihua invited to participate in CCTV "charm brand" No. 61. The famous host Wang Xiaoqian on the chairman of the company's products and corporate culture interviews. Moderator said Bi Ti Fu teeth whitening instrument cost is very high, and the founder of the brand Ms. Liao Lihua young and promising far appreciated.



2017 China Innovation and Economic Integration Development Conference and Innovation Achievements Promotion Invitation Pitti Fu Chairman Liao Lihua was held at the "Beijing Great Hall of the People, Jingxi Hotel" from June 1-3. And according to the news media public opinion monitoring data statistics and other relevant indicators, combined with the relevant state departments and related industry associations and media recommendations, the Bi Ti Fu awarded "2017 innovation in China's top ten health industry leader brand", "2017 China Innovation 100 Strong enterprises "," 2017 innovation in China's health industry ten model people "!



July 2017 changed the new packaging


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